Mayor Steve Benjamin (City of Columbia, SC)

I can tell you from personal experience that Simplified Office Systems is dedicated to providing high quality inkjet technology and focused on helping the people of Columbia. Their commitment to excellence and first-class service proves they care about their customers and about this community.

Erin (YMCA, York County, SC)

I wanted to contact you and let you know how pleased we are here at the YMCA with the RISO ComColor. Being that our needs require a large quantity of copies for ten branches, the Comcolor was the ideal machine to fit those needs. Since purchasing the machine, we have been able to reproduce mutiple jobs in-house and save thousands of dollars. Also, jobs that would take weeks to complete when out-sourced can now be completed within one or two days.

Gloria (Stallsville, Summerville, SC)

I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate you coming by and introducing yourself to me.  It is nice having a face to go with the business card.

Our talk was very informative. Everything that I have seen so far of Simplified Office Systems has been very positive.

Thanks again for your visit.

Stephanie (St.Paul’s, Mt. Pleasant)

I appreciate you and Frazier and all the help you give us at St. Paul’s. Frazier has been especially helpful to me as I have never been a secretary before and I am machine-illiterate! In fact, I may be calling for help if I have to print envelopes in the near future!