The name of our company was intentional – we work hard to make things simple. Our customer warranty is a simple program that helps our customers stretch their investment dollars and have confidence in their purchases from SOS.

Simply stated our warranty provides our customers with a guarantee of 7 years or 7M copies. If for any reason your machine can not be returned to factory specifications, we will replace the unit with a new or like model up to the 7 years or 7M copies threshold. In order to qualify for the warranty, the customer must maintain a service contract from SOS for the life of the unit. If you do not have a service contract now for your RISO product, no problem – call. After you have the machine under contract for one year and show SOS your original purchase date, we will extend the warranty program to you as well, regardless of where it was purchased.

This is usually where all of the rules and regulations, go but not for us. The only exception to our warranty program is a machine that has been discontinued by RISO and SOS can no longer buy, beg, or borrow parts. Our intention is to help your investment last, but every good story must end.